Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 34

Bonjour a tous,

It's been a good week in Gwada. We saw miracles yesterday at church. A while back, one of the young men in the branch (Jospeh, he is working on his mission papers right now) gave us the contact of his girlfriend Kharleen. We started teaching her at the church with Jospeh a couple times a week. Before he introduced us to his girlfriend he had taught her a lot about the gospel. He had given her a Book of Mormon and she had been reading (she was in Mosiah when we met her) and she has a notebook where she writes all of her questions and verses she likes, basically a study journal. she prayed and received a strong testimony that the gospel is true. Her big challenge was her family. Her aunt, who she lives with, is very Catholic and was not ok with her leaving the Catholic church. We fasted with her a few weeks ago so she would be able to talk to her aunt and come to church. Yesterday she was able to come! She loved it! I have never seen anyone love church as much as she did yesterday! Fasting brings miracles! She is so excited to be baptized and she wants to be a missionary too.

Soeur Eyre and I have compiled a list of all of the less active members in our area and it is our quest to find them all. It is really fun and it is kind of like detective work.  A member helped us find a less active couple weeks ago who we have started visiting. He has had a rough past, and he had an accident and he does not remember much from his life before it, including his baptism. We are starting with him from the beginning to help him back to the path of Christ.

This transfer is flying by! Soeur Eyre only has two more weeks on her mission! Time flies. It is going to be a great two weeks. Have a great week! Je vais parler avec vous bientôt!


Soeur Banks

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