Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 35


It was great to talk to you yesterday! Since we talked yesterday, today's email will mostly be pictures. Yesterday, after our skype we rode into Abymes and everything was shut down and there were police and Gendarmes everywhere because the President of France was in Abymes. We taught a couple lessons then headed back to the church for Sister Eyre's skype with her family.

Today for P-day we went to one of the most popular beaches in Guadeloupe, Dahaie, with all of the missionaries. We have a fun FHE planned for tonight with the family Felicte. We are looking forward to a great last week of the transfer and our last week together.

Now for a little explanation of the photos: us with a less active part member family, Frere Amador is the member, he came to church yesterday!; Sister Eyre and I with our madras head scarfs at the beach this morning; our investigator, Christian, who lives out in the middle of nowhere, but he rode his bike with us to show us the way. He is an artist and he is really cool. Last Tuesday before district meeting the Elders caught an iguana outside the church and we all took pictures with it.

That's it for Abymes for this past week. There will be a lot of new exciting news in the week to come with baptisms and transfers! Have a great week!


Soeur Banks



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