Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 36

Bonjour a tous,

So, we got transfer calls on Saturday and...I'm training a brand new missionary, Soeur Driggs!! She comes in on Thursday. This all has been making me think back to my first few days in the mission and how crazy and different they were. I am really excited for the next 2 transfers! It is also the beginning of the last transfer of the West Indies Mission!

We had an awesome last week of the transfer here in Abymes. We saw the miracle of one of our less actives being reactivated, Frere Amador. We had fasted and prayed a lot for him and it was a miracle. We had an awesome lesson with them and his girlfriend's son now has a baptisimal date! Fasting brings miracles!

We had a funny experience this week. We were outside an apartment building where one of our investigators lives when we contacted two guys that drove up in a car. They were not very interested, but we still invited them to church and asked if they had any friends who were interested. They told us they had a friend who lived in a building around the corner, they gave us his address. The address was for an apartment on the very top floor of one the tallest apartment buildings in our area. A couple days later we had some time so we decided to hike up the 14 flights of stairs to find this guy. He wasn't there but yesterday we found ourselves in the neighborhood again so we hiked back up. A woman answered the door. Turns out there was nobody by the name they had given us who lives there, but we taught the couple that lived there and they are awesome! Looking back we realize that the guys in the car were probably just trying to give us a hard time by giving us an address on the top floor of the tallest building where they didn't really know anyone. But it turned out to be a miracle. It was a testimony to us of how perfect God's plan is. He is going to guide us to where we need to be despite the influence of the adversary. He is always stronger and His plan is perfect.

This week is going to be a crazy one with all of the changes, but it is going to be a good one. I'll probably have some good stories to tell you next week. I love you all!

Soeur Banks

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