Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 37

Bonjour ma chere famille,

What a week! So many changes! Soeur Eyre is now back in the states with her family and Soeur Driggs is here in Abymes!! We haven't even been together a week, and we have seen so many miracles already!

About 2 transfers ago Soeur Dorsan and I met this lady named Sonia who really wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon. We gave her a copy and she told us to come by a couple weeks later so she could have some time to read. We went by but she still wanted more time. This last week she called us and wanted to come to church. We found her a ride and she came! She loved it and she was asking questions and participating in Sunday School. We stopped by her house that evening and talked to her more about the plan of salvation. She had a lot of good questions and is very eager to learn more.

We met a really awesome guy this past weekend through service. We were riding our bikes and we saw a family sitting together shelling beans. We pulled over and offered to help. They offered us their chairs and we sat, shelled beans, and taught the restoration to this guy named Tiga. We are excited to teach him again this week.

As I was studying this week I was reading in Alma 19 about king Lamoni. In this story after Lamoni is overcome by the spirit and falls to the earth, there are two of my favorite women in the Book of Mormon in the chapter, Lamoni's wife and Abish. Lamoni's wife is a great example of faith, she believed the words of Ammon without a doubt in her mind when she says her husband will wake up the next day. She has some of the greatest faith among all of the Nephites; I love the story of Abish, she is a great missionary. She saw an opportunity to bring people unto Christ and she took it and ran from house to house to invite as many people as she could. These two women are such examples to me. They knew the power of God and trusted Him so much. The Book of Mormon is so great; I find myself learning so much everyday, and it gives me motivation everyday to improve and be better. I can see why it is the keystone of our religion and it is the most important book on the earth.

I love you and I love this work. I am so happy to be serving the Lord and the people here. Have a great week and read the Book of Mormon!


Soeur Banks

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