Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 33

Bonjour a tous,

This past Saturday Soeur Eyre and I went on an adventure to Basse Terrre (way on the other side of the island) to go to a baptism. Fedler got baptized! Attached is a picture of Soeur Dorsan and I with Fedler and the Basse Terre Elders (Elder Roberts and Elder Stewart-Johnson) who taught him after he moved. It was an awesome baptism, the spirit was so strong and he was so happy to finally be baptized. It was a great day!

We had an awesome experience yesterday with a family we have been trying to teach. The missionaries before had taught them, but we had not been able to teach their whole family yet. The Dad is a less-active member and the Mom used to study with the missionaries but for some reason stopped, her three kids used to meet with the missionaries too. We passed by earlier in the week and taught the 13 and 11 year-old boys and helped them with their English homework. Yesterday we decided to pass by to see them. The adventure started when I fell off my bike right in front of their house. I didnt get hurt, just scratched up my hands a bit, but it was kind of a miracle because she let us in and fixed up my hands. We talked to her and her kids and showed them the "Because He Lives" video from Easter. The spirit was so strong and it testified to them that they need to start back on the path of Christ. It was powerful. The best part was her son Eric's prayer at the end. He was grateful for the lesson and asked Heavenly Father to bless them so the missionaries could come over more often so they could all be baptized. It was a sweet experience.

We have this really awesome old lady who is a member in our area, her name is Mamie Pauline. She was one of the first members in Guadeloupe and she used to walk to church, quite a ways, when the church was new here. She is awesome and we know her testimony could really help our investigators. Last night we came up with a great plan. We have an investigator who lives by Mamie, so we are going to bring her over to Mamie's house so we can teach her together. I am really excited for it. Our first lesson is on Wednesday. We have some awesome members here.

Speaking of awesome members our branch President, President Bargo, is awesome and so excited about missionary work and our branch mission plan. And he gave us Marcudjas yesterday (in English it is a passion fruit, also there is a pic attached) , so good. 

That's all for this week. Have a fabulous week and know that I love you.


Soeur Banks

Elder Roberts, Soeur Banks, Fedler, Soeur Dorsan, and Elder Stewart-Johnson


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