Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 30

Bonjour a tous,

Sorry this is a day late, I forgot to tell you that we got our P-day moved because nothing was open yesterday because it was a holiday. Transfer news!! I am staying in Abymes and Soeur Eyre is my new companion!!!! I thought I would never meet her because she was in Grenada but she is coming back to Guadeloupe for her last transfer!! I am so excited! Soeur Dorsan is going to Petite Bourg, which is an Elders area that they are switching for sisters. They closed Moule, the other sisters area on Grand Terre and opened Petit Bourg for sisters; She is so excited, this was her dream to serve in the Lamentin Branch. Now there are sisters in all three branches on Guadeloupe. Soeur Eyre flies in Thursday, but I get to spend Wednesday in Petit Bourg with Sister Dorsan and Sister Gill.

I told you about Fedler last week. He moved to Saint Clause and now is the Elders' investigator. They got him an interview and he is all ready to be baptized this Saturday!  We are still going to the baptism on Saturday. We got to see Fedler Saturday at conference, it was so good to see him after not seeing him for a while. He was so happy to see us and we were so happy to see him.

General conference was great! I learned so much. One of my favorite talks was Elder Anderson's about the Music of the Gospel. He is in the presidency for the Caribbean so I might get to meet him someday. It was a great weekend. If I am not mistaken Nick's mission president, President Brough, is in the YM General Presidency, N'est pas? Exciting stuff!

Sister Dorsan was so excited about the temple in Haiti, and the members here as well! It is exciting for all of the Caribbean! It is just about as close as the temple in the Dominican Republic, but the members are more excited about Haiti because it is more like here with the Creole culture.

A crazy story from yesterday. I bet you remember the story of how my bike was stolen right out of my hands in February. Yesterday we were riding around and we went right past the guy who stole my bike. He was sitting on a porch and my bike was sitting right by the house! I wanted to leave my bike with an investigator who lived around the corner and go steal my bike back, but we decided to be good law-abiding citizens and call the police like they told us to. We called the police and they showed up about 10 minutes later. We described the guy to them and showed them where he was. By that time the thief had put the bike inside the house. He walked right past the police car, but the police did not see him! The police didn't do anything to help us. They just drove around the neighborhood 5 times. Now we know where he lives, hopefully we will get the bike back soon. Crazy stuff!

Yesterday we had a regular working day because we got our P-day moved. We went to follow up on some contacts we had made on Saturday. We are now teaching two very cool families. The first is Jessica and Gregory and the second is three sisters; Cindy, Sofia and Sandrine. The sisters' parents were leaving just as we were getting there, but hopefully next time we can teach them all. Their dad recognized us because we ride past the house he is helping build everyday and we always wave to him. Being friendly really does bring blessings. The sisters had lots of questions and we are excited to go back to talk to them Friday.

This week is going to be fun and crazy with transfers and going to Petit Bourg for part of the week. I am really excited to be with Soeur Eyre for her last transfer! I am excited to see what this next new transfer brings. Thanks for all of your love! I love you all and have a fabulous week!


Soeur Banks

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