Monday, December 1, 2014

End of my Second Transfer Down Here! Week 12!


It has been an exciting week for the sister missionaries in French Guyane! We had our first baptism on Saturday! Marianela and Eusiery, they are mother and 10 year old son, were baptised. They were both so excited to be baptized. They are like our family here, we love them so much. Marianela also has triplets that are about 7 months old, they are the cutest and everyone at church loves them. Euseiry is so excited to be a missionary when he is older. After his baptism he was asking when he can be a missionary and how it all works. He will be a great misionary now and a great full time missionary when his time comes.

I am staying in French Guyane with Sister Riley and Sister McDaniel! We got our transfer calls on Saturday. We are excited to be staying together.

We had some adventures this past week. Our water did get turned back on so we got to shower which was a blessing. We went to visit an investigator but we came the wrong day and they were having a prayer meeting, she invited us in. It was a  very different experience than our church meetings. They gave us the oppourtunity to share what we wanted so we all got up and bore our testimonies. I had never had someone say amen and hallelujah during my testimony before. It was an experience I will never forget. It reassured me that I have found the true gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth and that I am so grateful for that truth and direction in my life.

We are looking forward to the holiday season down here because it means more service projects for us. It doesn't seem like December because it is still so hot! Time flies--it is already December! I love it down here and I am happy to be serving the people here. Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts. I love you all.

Until next week;

Soeur Banks

Me, Marianela, Eusiery, Sister Riley and Sister McDaniel

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