Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 11 in French Guyane

Bonjour a tous,

It has been a crazy week down here in Guyane. Sadly we didnt have our first baptism but a lot else has happened.

We had a week of great experiences making food with less actives, investigators and members. Wednesday we made Roti and Curry with Ramona, a less active member. Attached is a picture of me with the chicken before she killed it. The Roti was awesome. It's an interesting experience seeing your food walking around the yard and then having it on your plate an hour later. Friday we were visiting one of our new investigators, Marie, from Haiti, and we made Banan Peze with her. All the missionaries talk about Banan Peze and I finally got to try it. I'll attach a photo. We also got more Banan Peze on Saturday at a member's house. We ate well this week.

This week we had a problem with our water bill so our water has been off since Thursday. It has been an adventure, haven't showered since Thursday but life is good. It's all part of the experience.

We have been working hard tring to find new people to teach. Because we are in a trio we do splits sometimes with members. Yesterday we were doing splits and I got to teach a lesson with one young woman from the branch. I was nervous about it but it went well. We taught Meredith the restoration. I was feeling very inadequate in my teaching skills and my French but it went well and I felt the spirit. We were able to extend a baptisimal date to Meredith.

It's cool to think I speak French! Not perfectly or fluently but I can get my point across and the Lord is there to help me. He is always there watching out for us and guiding us. Looking back I have seen so many times when he was guiding us to find people or visit people. He is always there and he loves us all so much because we are His children. Have a good Thanksgiving week!!


Soeur Banks

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