Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 10 in Guyane Française


We had a pretty good week down here in South America. We are excited to be having our first baptism this coming Saturday!! Marie came to church again on Sunday and is ready to be baptized! 
We were also able to set another baptisimal date last night with Anjellica. She is 12 and originally was planning on going to Guyana to be baptized by her Dad. We had been thinking about it a lot and felt that she needed to be baptized here in the branch she will be attending. We had tried and tried to have a lesson with her so we could set a baptisimal date but she was never available. last night we went over and her Mom told us that she is no longer going to Guyana so she can be baptised here! We talked to her and set a date for November 29. I love seeing the inspiration of the spirit.
We contacted a family with a pet monkey this week. I almost got to hold it but it was scared of me and my companions. we think it was because we are white. Contacting is always an adventure here in French Guyane.
We have a really sweet couple we have been teaching that we love. Their names are Anthony and Eay. They have such big hearts and are so concerned for all of the struggling people in the world. We asked Eay to start reading the Book of Mormon last time we visited and when we came back she said she had read a little. She had read to 1 Nephi 13! We were so excited! Most people won't even read the introduction and she read 13 chapters! We are excited to see them and continue teaching them. 
I'm running out of time to write but I have been reading in Mosiah about King Benjamin and have learned so much from his teaching. I'll talk more about it next week when I have time, but go read it; its amazing! I love you all and have a great week!!

Lots of love,

Soeur Banks

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