Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 16

Bonjour ma cher famille et amis,

I hope the rest of your Christmas was good after I talked to you. Mine was great! We have some really nice people here in French Guyane. This week we were at our investigators Antony and Eay's house. Antony is a fisher and he was telling us all about his adventures on the Amazon. They gave us some big shrimp some Brazilian sausages and a big red snapper when we left. Our freezer is full, the red snapper almost didn't fit but luckily we got the door closed. So if you have any good recipes for red snapper feel free to send them to us. Or instructions on how to clean a fish.

We had a fun experience on Friday when we went to check up on an old investigator. We were sitting outside talking to her and her neighbor when I hear someone yell my name. I was really surprised to hear my name and I looked over to see Euseiry the boy we taught who was baptised a month ago. He came over and helped us teach our lesson. He is so excited to be a missionary when he is older.

I learned how to jump start a car this week. The battery in our truck (they call them catcats here) was being weird. All of the car places were closed on Saturday so we couldn't get it fixed until today. It was a good contacting method having to ask someone to jump our car whenever we wanted to go somewhere. We got stuck in the pouring rain last night. Luckily we have nice members like sister Baksh who will make us hot cocoa and dry us off.

We are leaving for Suriname on Saturday for zone conference. We are excited to hear from President and Sister Mehr and we are also excited to buy some American food. So next week I will not be writing you on Monday because I will still be in Suriname, but I will be writing on Wednesday.

I love you and miss you but I am so happy to be here. I know the Lord is preparing people for us to teach and help. He is always watching out for us and helping us with his great work. Have a great week and talk to you next Wednesday.

Lots of love and hugs,

Soeur Banks

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