Monday, December 22, 2014

WIM Week Number 15

It's almost Christmas! We have been having fun getting ready for Christmas and passing out "He is the Gift" pass along cards here in French Guyane. We had our branch Christmas party/program Friday night, which was really fun. We (the nine missionaries) did a little skit/competition for it. We cut holes in a sheet and had one person's head and the other persons arms and we had a competition to see who could make and eat a PB&J sandwich the fastest. It was very messy and fun and the sisters won!! Sister McDaniels face was covered in peanut butter. We also did one where we had to put shaving cream and cotton balls on the persons face and "shave" it off. My face was the victim for that one. It was a really fun program, we also had a lot of music and poems. The best part was that our investigator Michelene came with her two kids and the Tavares kids came too! It was a great Christmas celebration and it made it seem a little more like Christmas here where it is still really hot.

We have found some cool people this past week. We found Claudjo who has been prepared. I started teaching the first vision and he stopped me and said he had already heard it because he read it in a book at his aunt's house. He is sincerly interested in learning and changing. We also found Richard. We were contacting and found him in Balata. We were explaining the Book of Mormon a little and he asked where he could get one because he wanted to read it. Of course we gave him one and we are excited to go back and visit him. The Lord is preparing people all around us, we just need to find them. It's is a great feeling to find someone who has been prepared and wants to learn more and come closer to Christ. I love missionary work!

Have a great week and a Merry Christmas!

Soeur Banks

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