Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 51 in the field

Bounjour mes chere freres et soeurs,

Storm update:  Yes, the storm did pass here, it just rained a lot on Thursday and we were not able to go out and work. It did not devastate us like it devastated Dominica. Dominica has 366 rivers on the island so when they get large amounts of rain it floods like crazy! We have a lot of Dominicans here on Gwada so we have been hearing a lot about it. Here we just stayed inside for a day and we were fine.

Other than being a little wet, it was a good week! We went to a wedding on Thursday after the storm passed. It was the wedding of a member and her now husband who was one of the investigators of the Elders in our branch. It was so beautiful. What makes it even more beautiful was he was finally baptized on Saturday! It was so exciting and they have already picked what temple they are being sealed in next year! Getting married in France is quite a process, it is not easy and fast like in the states. Here it takes months to do the papers and you have to go to the town hall to get married and sign the papers with witnesses and all of that. We have an investigator who has been working on her marriage papers for months, she finally has a set solid marriage date for the October 31! She is super sweet. Her name is Anny. She is from the Dominican Republic and has been taught by the missionaries for a while. Her future husband is a member who has recently come back to church. They have the cutest family. She actually asked us to be her bridesmaids, but sadly we had to decline because we can't do that as missionaries. We are so excited for her to finally be getting married.

That is something we run into a lot here in the West Indies, couples that are not yet married. When we find a couple who is married we get super excited, its like they are just asking to be taught and baptized. This week we found the cutest couple, who are married! It was the evening and we found ourselves contacting in the Raizet again. Not many people were out and it was kind of dead. We were rolling down the street and there was someone parked with their hood up. We went over to see if we could help; even though we have no mechanic skills, but it is true that the Gospel of Jesus Christ helps us in all situations of life. It was this super sweet couple. As we talked to them we found out that they are married and already have a strong faith in Christ. They told us to come by whenever, because they would like to talk with us. We were super excited. Future eternal familes make us super excited!

I also had the opportunity to go to Goyave on an exchange with Sister Hoover this week. It was super fun, I had never been in Goyave before. Goyave literally translates to the fruit guava. And funny enough I tried a guava for the first time this week while in the town named after the fruit. It was a great exchange and Sister Hoover is awesome! She has been in the field for three weeks and is doing great things!

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes! Today for Pday we hiked the volcano on Basse-Terre in the rain, it was so foggy but super cool! Not many people can say they hiked a volcano on their 21st birthday! Our sweet Sister Training Leader made me a cake. It has been a good day so far.

We are looking forward to a great week filled with lots of member lessons here in Abymes. I love you and I hope you have a great week too!


Soeur Banks

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