Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 48


Transfer calls were Saturday....drum roll please..... Dranks is staying together in Abymes!! And we couldn't be happier! Yes, Soeur Driggs and I have been nicknamed Dranks. It has been a good week for Dranks in Abymes.

I did start off the week in Petit Bourg on an exchange with my old companion, Soeur Dorsan. It was super fun and I learned a lot. We helped a really sweet sister in the branch clean her windows and organize her food storage and we taught some awesome lessons. With transfer calls we found out that they are putting Elders back it Petit Bourg. We are short on Sisters right now on the French side. We are down to four sisters on Gwada! President Herrington did tell us that next transfer 9 missionaries leave the mission but there are 23 coming in!  Get ready for some major changes in six weeks.

I think I have written you a little about Stevens before. He is the one with a unique sense of style. We had an awesome lesson with him this past week. He is very commited to God and to his word. He has a strong testimony of prayer and how the spirit communicates with him. We talked about the Word of Wisdom in our last lesson. Sometimes it can be a challenging topic for people here in the Caribbean. Stevens has definitely been prepared for the gospel. He admitted that it would not be easy, but he is going to work towards living it. All things are possible through Christ.

Yesterday we saw a great miracle at church. Sister Driggs had called everyone yesterday morning reminding them of church, and it was looking like no one was going to be there. We had called one couple, Marc and Ketlee Saturday night and they said they couldn't come. We were sitting in the chapel waiting for the meeting to start trying not to feel discouraged that none of our investigators were there. The biggest miracle happened. Marc and Ketlee walked in! The even bigger miracle was that the members were all over them welcoming them! We didn't even get very much time to talk with them after church because the members were so excited to see them . They even got invited to an FHE! It was one of the greatest Sundays. It strengthened my testimony of fasting. A while back we fasted for member work, for the members and us to be able to work better together to help our investigators. We saw it happen! The Lord responds in his own manner and in his own time. In total, yesterday we had 5 investigators at church, which is amazing for this branch!

The gospel is true! It is the only way to find true eternal joy! Soeur Driggs and I are excited for this transfer and have a good feeling about the things to come. Six more weeks of Dranks! Thank you for your prayers and your love. Have a great week!


Soeur Banks

P.S. It has been a while since I have sent photos, sorry for that. Now I have a new camera so you should be getting photos from me more often. First is a photo of me and Soeur Driggs taken by Naomi, one of my favorite little girls in the branch. Second is a throw back to the 23 July, my year mark. Decided to take a classic Banks family photo outside the house like the first day of school, this was as close as I could get. Third is of the ocean in St Anne. We went visiting teaching with a member and got to see some more of the island.
That is it for this week. Bon semaine;



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