Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 47

Bonjour a tous,

We can tell it is summer here because everyone asks us if we are on vacation, and they look surprised when we tell them we live here. They look surprised when we tell them that and also when we say things in Créole. It's not everyday you see two little white girls speaking Créole.

During summer vacation it is a little harder to get set appointments with people. But, nevertheless we have had some great lessons this week. 
We found a really awesome new investigator this week. His name is Mardel. We decided to ride around a bit in an area we had not explored much and Sister Driggs suggested that we talk to these two guys that were talking in their front yard. We found Mardel and his neighbor Victor. We talked to them and shared the Book of Mormon and set up an appointment for later in the week. We had an awesome lesson with him. He has lots of questions, but as we shared scriptures with him he found answers to questions he has had for a long time. When we invited him to read the Book of Mormon he told us of course he would, because God gave him all the time he has, so he can take at least an hour for God if not more. Those were some of the most wonderful words I have ever heard come out of an investigators mouth! Such a contrast to the excuses that so many other people give us. Soeur Driggs was truly guided by the spirit to find him.

Yesterday a member, Soeur Monlouis, invited us over for Munch to break our fast. It was great, we tried a lot of different fruits and ate lion fish. There where two eyeballs so the Elders made us eat them, it was an interesting experience. We have some awesome members here.

The Herringtons were here in Gwada this weekend. I was talking to Sister Herrington about how great this branch is. As we were leaving after church, waving to people, pulling out of the parking lot, I had a moment of realization of how much I love the people in the Abymes Branch. They have a special place in my heart and I have learned so much from them and with them. They have definitely changed me for the better.

Missionary work is hard, sometimes heartbreaking but the greatest work on the face of the earth. It brings the greatest joy. When Christ is the center of our lives everything else really does fall into place.

I love you and have a great Christ-centered week.


Soeur Banks

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