Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 27

Bonjour mes cher famille et amis,

This week didn't turn out to be exactly what we thought it would be. Sadly, none of our three baptisms happened. A lot has happened this week, so here is the story... Monday night we went over to see Emilio and Evans. They are 16 and 17 so we had to get the ok from their older sister for the baptism. We stopped by and the other sister told us that the older sister is not okay with them being baptized and she does not want us coming over during the week, only on Saturday. Mais c'est pas grave (but its not a big deal/it's not the end of the world) they still want to be baptized and we have our game plan, the spirit with us, and God on our side, to soften the sister's heart. The baptism is going to happen, just not at this moment. We had the miracle of one of our other investigators bringing Emilio and Evans to church on Sunday. It is just a small drempel (that is dutch for speedbump) on their path to the Celestial Kingdom.

Our other ami, Fedler, has been getting a lot of opposition from his girlfriend back in Haiti. It's been a rough week for him. He is coming around. He knows this gospel is true, Satan is just fighting really hard against him right now. If you remember the story of when we met Fedler, he contacted us on the street and told us he wanted to come to church and get baptized. He will get baptized, he just has to figure some stuff out first.

Though our plans didnt go quite as planned, we did see miracles this week. Our ami, Gregory, finally came to church yesterday! And one of our new amis, Lambert, showed up yesterday too! We have seen God's hand in a lot of little ways this week.

One of the biggest things I have learned this week is the importance of having faith in Christ. Helaman 5:12 comes to my mind. When we have a solid foundation of faith in Christ we cannot fall. When we have faith in him we may not know what is going to happen tomorrow, but we know everything will be alright.

We have zone conference this week! Elder Cornish from the Seventy will be there. We are all excited. It is going to be weird walking 5 minutes to get to zone conference and not having to take a car, a boat, and a taxi to get there. Not quite as long of a journey to get there, but it will be just as exciting.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sœur Banks

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