Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 26

Bonjour a tous!

It has been an exciting week and it is going to be another exciting week coming up! We have three baptisms planned for Saturday!! The brothers Emilio and Evans and our Hatian friend, Fedler. It's all looking good for Saturday, we just have to get the final permision from Emilio and Evans older sister. She seems a little hesitant, but we are praying and have faith that all will go well.
Speaking of baptism, I got an email from Sister McDaniel today saying that the Tavares kids (the less active family Sis Riley and I found) got baptized on Saturday! I was so excitecd to hear that it finally happened! And their Dad was able to baptize them! Another girl I taught down in Guyane is getting baptized next Saturday! So exciting!

We had some great lessons this week. We were having trouble getting Emilio and Evans to read the Book of Mormon. We told Emilio and Evans we were going to do an experiment, we told them to read in the morning and see how it changed the rest of their day. The first time we asked them to do it, they didn't. We asked them again on Friday. We showed up on Saturday and they had done it! They read more then we thought they would! They gave us an awesome detailed summary of Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem and Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel going to get the plates from Laban! It was awesome! They asked us how the story of Nephi ends, but we told them they have to keep reading to find out.

We have seen miracles this week, that was just one. Their sister, Janet, joined us for a few minutes during a lesson this week. Our friend, Louisette, went to the Relief Society sewing activity Saturday and had a great time and made a lot of friends. She came to church on Sunday too! We found some cool new people this week.

In other non-spiritual news, we got to go to the beach today! It was the first time on my mission I have been to a pretty beach (Guyane beaches look more like chocolate milk than water) As a zone we had a barbeque and played volleyball in Moule. Attached is a picture of me, and a picture of my feet in the water. It was the first time in my life I've been to a beach with clear beautiful water like that. And you can also see my funny shoe tanline:)

We've got a big week in front of us! Keep us in your prayers. I love you all, until next week!


Soeur Banks

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