Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 21

Bonjour a tous,

Wow! It has been an adventure doing emails today. We started but the power went out. The power was out in Basse Terre and some of Grande Terre, as far as we know. Well, all that matters is that it has been a good week here in Abymes. It's hot, but good. It's carnival season down here so it gets a little crazy on the weekends. The celebration goes from city to city, a different city every weekend. Yesterday, it was in Abymes. We avoided going into town yesterday because we knew it would be crazy. We tried to avoid it but still got caught in part of it as we were walking home. Guadeloupe has the third biggest carnival celebration in the islands. First is Barbados and second is Trinidad.

We had the opportunity yesterday to watch the broadcast of the Conference for all of the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic. Sister Bonnie Oscarson, Elder Holland and Elder Packer spoke. It was really good, they talked a lot about the the family. Before we watched the conference two recently returned missionaries from Guadeloupe, who served in Canada, bore their testimonies. It was really cool to hear their mission experiences and their testimonies. They are going to help the church so much here in Guadeloupe. We had five investigators come to church yesterday which was exciting. Emilio and Evans came for the first time. They are brothers who are 14 and 15.  After the meeting, Evans asked how he can become a missionary. It was a good meeting and they definitely talked about things our investigators needed to hear. We wish our investigators Eddie and Xavier could have been there.

Turns out we are teaching a Guadeloupean celebrity. The guy I wrote about a couple of weeks ago that we contacted my first day, Patrick. He had said the first time we met him, he was suprised that nobody was stopping to ask for his autograph. He said something the next time, but we didn't think much about it. He said tell anyone in Guadeloupe his name and they would know who he is. We honestly thought he was making it up, until we brought it up in coordination meeting and sure enough everyone knew who he was. He used to be a comedian. He was known for his comedy sketches and for his wild lifestyle. He has since found Christ and changed his life, gotten married and now has a cute little baby. We have been teaching them for the past few weeks. They love talking about religion, but they do not fully understand the truthfulness of the restored gospel yet. We have a lesson with them tonight, we are bringing one of the members from the branch, which should really help.

It has been a good week and the transfer is already half over! Time is flying. We are doing exchanges tomorrow with the sister training leader so I'll be in Moule for the next two days. I am excited to see more of the island.

I have had some cool experiences in lessons this week where I have really seen the spirit guiding us and giving us the words we need in the moment we need them. I have also realized the importance of having faith in Christ. I love this work and the Lord. Until next week, I send you all of my love from this little island in the middle of the sea.


Soeur Banks

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