Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 45 in the field

Bonjour a tous!

It is crazy how time flies! Yesterday, funny enough, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. How appropriate since it was exacly one year ago I was giving my farewell talk. It went pretty well, it was on the law of the fast.

We have had a lot of lessons fall through this week. Although none of our plans really went as planned we had some cool experiences. We have some really awesome members in our area. There is one particular family I have never been able to go over and see during my whole time in Abymes because they are never there or busy. Our lesson fell through and we were in the neighborhood so we stopped by. They were there and we were able to have a great little lesson with them. It was wonderful to get to know this sister better and hear her testimony. We were talking about prayer and the conversation changed to the temple. I really liked something she said. . .She said that she knew the gospel before she went to the temple but after she went it all made sense. I loved that! I was strengthened by her testimony of the temple and her faith.

We have seen some cool miracles this week. There was a contact the Elders had given us a while back, but every time we made an appointment it had fallen through. We were riding around in Caraque the other day on the way to an investigators house when we got a call. It was the contact, Francisca, the one the Elders had given to us. She had waved at us as we rode by, but we had never met her so we didn't know it was her. We got a call when we were farther down the street and we were able to turn around and go to her house and have a little lesson with her and give her a Book of Mormon. The Lord puts us where we need to be.

We also had this really cool guy show up at church yesterday. He talked to the missionaires about ten years ago and decided to come to church yesterday. One of the members gave him a Book of Mormon and we were able to explain it a bit. He loved church and is coming again next week. We were kind of bummed that he lives in the Elders' area, but all that matters is he is getting the gospel. It is proof that you never know what impact one contact or lesson will have on someone. They may not accept it then, but they might come around ten years later. No effort is wasted.

I love you and am grateful for your prayers and love. Have a fabulous week and I'll talk to you next Monday!


Sœur Banks

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