Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 41

Ma cher famille,

Time flies, this coming week is the last week of the West Indies Mission! We had some cool experiences this week; One of our investigators decided to start giving up cigarettes this week; We had given him a Word of Wisdom brochure the week before and he called us the next day, very angry, saying he did not want to see us anymore; We decided to stop by this week and he told us he wants to follow the word of wisdom and he is going to start by giving up cigarettes. He made a goal to cut down this week and gave us his cigarettes. It was a miracle that he decided on his own to quit. That is the power of the word of God!

Our investigator, Brenden, finally came to church yesterday! We were so excited. Brenden is an artist. Between Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School he was standing in the hall looking at the print of the first vision on the wall. He stood there for a couple minutes and then told us that he wanted to paint that same image. We were so excited he was inspired by the story of Jospeph Smith and the gospel is inspiring his art!

There have been a lot of moments this week where I have seen the hand of the Lord as we have worked. I love this work and never want to stop doing it. There does not seem to be enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done; This work is great and I am happy to be a small part of it. Keep living the gospel joyfully! Until next week.


Soeur Banks

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