Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 19 My First Week in Guadeloupe!


Greetings from the butterfly-shaped island in the middle of the ocean! I made it to Guadeloupe! It was a sad farewell to Guyane and all the people I love there but I'm excited to be here. My companion is Soeur Dorsan, she is from Florida. She was baptised about 7 years ago. She is cool and I love her already. We serve in Les Abymes on bikes. Right now the biking is hard, but I'm getting the hang of it. It's been awhile since I've been on a bike.

There are some really cool people here. We have an investigator named Xavier, He was the first investigator I met here. He always reads the chapters we give him and wants to learn more. We invited him to be baptized, he wants to be baptized but he is scared of what his mother will think. We told him we would fast with him this week for his baptism and for his mother's heart to be softened. After his lesson we were waiting for the bus because we decided not to bike on Saturday. We waited and waited but no buses came. Xavier was nice and he waited with us because it was getting late. He taught us some hip-hop while we waited. The bus didn't come so we started walking home. We were not thrilled about the thought of walking all the way home so we got a stop. A stop is another word for hitchhiking, but don't worry it's a lot safer. We only ask women and families to give us rides. We asked one lady who was getting into her car but she said no, so we kept looking. We found a family in the Carrefore parking lot who was willing to drive us home. They were really nice and we gave them a Plan of Salvation brochure. Once we got home Xavier called us. He said he talked to his mom about how he wants to be baptized and she was fine with it! Miracles! So it has been an exciting first few days. I got my first stop and have taught some cool people.

We were walking down the street the other day and a guy stopped us and started talking to us. Once we said we were representatives of Jesus Christ he was really interested. We went over the next day and taught him and his wife and we have another appointment with him this week. There are some very prepared people here waiting to be taught and baptized.

It's the beginning of a good transfer. I'm excited to see some people get baptized this transfer. I love you all and have a fabulous week.


Soeur Banks

P.S. My new address here is...

28 Res. Village Fleury Dugazon
97139 Les Abymes
Guadeloupe, West Indies

Me and Sister Dorsan at the church

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