Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 18: My Last Week in French Guyane

Bonjour ma famille,

So the big news this week is I'm leaving French Guyane after serving here for three transfers. I was expecting to stay here for at least one more transfer with Sister McDaniel but turns out the Lord has other plans for me. We got transfer calls on Saturday morning and I leave Wednesday for Guadeloupe!! I will be serving in Abymes Guadeloupe with Soeur Dorsen! I am excited but a little sad at the same time to be leaving French Guyane and my dear companions.Soeur McDaniel is staying in French Guyane and Soeur Vance will be coming down to be her companion and Soeur Riley was called as a sister Training Leader in Martenique with Soeur Tenney. Our trio is being split up all over the mission.

We have been saying goodbye to a lot of people. Yesterday We were over at the Baksh's house helping Soeur Baksh with her family history on Family Search. She had some names and dates to enter in for her grandparents. I was designated to be the person to help her because according to my companions I "know more about it" than them (which isn't really true because I've never really used it. I've just watched Mom use it). I really caught the spirit of Elijah while helping them. I realized how much family history hasn't been recorded here. Talking to them, they only know their family history a couple of generations back and they don't even have all of the information because it is not written down anywhere, it is just from family members' memory. We were sitting there at the computer and Frere Baksh was telling me names of his family and I was trying to find them. It was fun! At that moment I really just wanted to tell everyone I saw to write down their family history and their stories because they are so important. Mom, with your love for family history and Dad, with your knowledge of Family Search, you will be able to help so many people when you go on a mission. There were so many times last night I wished I could just call you so you could help Soeur Baksh out. I like family history, its missionary work in the spirit world!

Pday today has been full of packing, but we did go on a hike this morning with the Elders and we saw a sloth, some monkeys and I found a dead iguana (don't worry there is a picture attached). I'm going to miss this place and these people but I'm excited to be in Guadeloupe with Soeur Dorsen, riding a bike!

Well, this week is bound to be an exciting one and I'll probably have a lot to write about next week. I love you all and I hope you have a fabulous week.

Lots of love,

Soeur Banks

P.S. I will send you my new mailing address next week and if anyone has my Guyane address tell them to stop sending stuff there. Thanks you are the best! I love you! big hug!

Me and the dead iguana I found on our hike.

The Sister Missionaries and some of the Sisters of the Cayenne Branch.

Sister Riley told me I had to send this picture home.We were having some fun taking pictures by grafitti the other day in Cogneau, pretending like we fit in here.

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