Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MTC Week 6


Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday. Attached is a picture of me with one of the cupcakes. They got a bit squished and melty, but they were delicious. I can't believe I am almost done with my time at the MTC! Our district is shrinking again, Elder Argyle left for Halifax, Canada this morning. The West Indies Elders and I are the next to leave on Monday. Elder Lund and Easton are having trouble with their visas to New Caledonia. Elder Easton is going to be reassigned stateside until he can get his and Elder Lund has not heard anything yet. Wow, crazy to think that pretty soon my district will be on all different sides of the world.

We got our travel plans on Friday. I don't remember the exact times but I will take a picture of the paper and send it to you later today. We fly from SLC to Houston leaving at about 8 have about an hour in Houston and then fly to Trinidad. I will probably call you in the morning from SLC because my layover is so short. That is what will probably happen, I'm not 100% sure though.

On Saturday we moved classrooms because there is a new district coming in on Wednesday. There are two sister going to New Caledonia and one sister and one elder going to the West Indies. It will be a small district with a solo elder. Just the opposite of my district.

I met one of the new teachers in our zone who is a sister who served in the West Indies! The first sister I have never met who went there. I did not have much time to talk to her but she told me she is pretty sure she knows what my first area will be and who my companion will be! She must have recently gotten back. I am going to try to find her this week and ask her some questions.

One of the teachers who would come into our class to help sometimes is from AF. He was in Madame's class. What a small world. I have run into the elders from our ward a lot this week. I've talked to Elder Winter a few times and I ran into Elder Getter in the cafeteria yesterday. Elder Olpin just came in this last week and I saw him for a second in the hall on Sunday. It is always fun to see people I know.

On Thursday we went to infield orientation. I ended up spending the day with two sisters going to the Chesapeake Virginia mission. It was a long day but we learned a lot about talking to people and using members in our teaching.

We have had some great lessons this week as our teachers, Frere Israel and Soeur Echols, have told us more about their missions and the "investigators" we have been teaching. I love seeing how much they love their missions and how excited they get when they share their stories with us. I'm excited and nervous to get out into the field next week. It is weird to think that in a week I will be in Trinidad. I have loved the MTC. I have learned and grown so much. I don't feel like I am prepared to go out and teach, because I am just one little sister missionary who is just getting a hold on the French language, but I know the Lord will bless me. Just like the scripture on my missionary plaque says, I wish I were an angel so I could speak with the power of God and call repentance to all nations, but I am human. I know the Lord will bless me to go and teach with his power. I know I cannot do it without him. I love you all. I will write again on Saturday, because I have a little part day P-day to pack, do laundry etc.  Have a good week.


Sœur Banks

Me with my birthday cupcake

My district with our teacher Soeur Echols

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