Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My First Crazy Week

Hello Family and Friends!

I'm at the MTC and I love it. The first few days were crazy but it is true that if you make it to Sunday it all gets better. I'm glad you got my letter. As I said I'm a solo sister. It's a bit weird but fun. I'm the only sister in my district so it gets a little crazy sometimes. My district consists of 7 elders. Elder Okano, Sackley and Roberts are going to the West Indies like me, Elder Easton and Lund are going to New Caledonia, Elder Rollins is going to Washington DC but is only here for 2 weeks because he basically already speaks fluent french, and Elder Argyle is going to Halifax Canada.

On the third day here we started teaching an investigator in French. I teach with Elder Easton and Elder Lund. Our first lesson was really rough, but each lesson we get better. Most of us in the district have had a little bit of French before the MTC. Teaching in a different language is a humbling experience. I realize how much I have to rely on the Lord and follow the spirit.

I have two sister companions who are in my zone, they study in the classroom right next to my district. They are both going to Lyon France and will leave about 2 weeks before I do. It was a little weird coming into a group of sisters who have already been here for 2 weeks, but it has worked out well. the other companionship that we room with is Sister Wallace and Sister James, who are also going to Lyon. I went to high school with Sister James at AF, it was fun to see a familiar face. She was the validictorian of my graduating class.

Today is Tuesday so we have a devotional tonight. I am singing in the choir for it and the rumor is L. Tom Perry is speaking. Sunday we had a great devotional by the guy who is the head of the missionary department. Sunday night we watched the talk Elder Bednar gave at the MTC a few years ago on Christmas titled The Character of Christ. It was amazing and will make you want to live your life in a different way. Read It! I think you can find it with the BYU Speeches online. It's long, but amazing.

I have seen a few people I know from high school and college which has been fun. My first day I saw Mrs. Crowther. I saw Sydney Robertson from Meridian, she is gong to Solvenia.

They say the first couple days in the MTC are like drinking out of a fire hose and it is so true. Now it's more like drinking out of a regular hose and I'm loving it. My district is fun and easily distracted but I love them. I know I will think of a billion other things I should have told you once my email time is up, but know I love you and I'm doing well. I'm learning so much and I love this gospel and the Lord.

Lots and lots of love,

Soeur Banks

Sister James, Holmes, Baggs, me, Wallace

This is my district from left to right Elder Lund, Rollins,
Sackley(sitting), Easton, Argyle, Okano and Roberts.

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